Finding Motivation After Motherhood: Erin’s Surgery Story

From yoga and kickboxing to sprint triathlons, Erin of Avon is no stranger to exploring new ways to stay active. Her latest endeavor? CrossFit. A couple classes later and she was hooked: “With CrossFit you can see results quickly!”

But exercise for Erin hasn’t always produced the results she wanted or worked hard for. “I did a couple of Go Girl sprint triathlons. Even in training for those, I never lost weight or saw muscle definition. I’ve always worked out on and off, and I’ve certainly always had an interest in being healthy, but we all know how difficult that can be. I do great for a few weeks and then end up at McDonald’s. I think I’m the normal example of that.”

The 36-year-old mom of two has struggled with weight issues her whole life, and as many other mothers can relate, her pregnancies contributed to those ups and downs. After the birth of her two boys, she started working out more regularly, pursuing fitness as a lifestyle and considering plastic surgery as an option to help her reach her goals. “I knew my second was our last and that this was my time to do this for myself.”

In January 2017, Erin underwent a breast lift and augmentation, arm lift, and full tummy tuck at Hendricks Regional Health Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Erin’s plastic surgery procedure was similar to their Mommy Makeover Package, which includes a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and liposuction.

The surgery, performed by Dr. Rachel Scott, was a game-changer for Erin. “Once you get that perfectly flat stomach, it changes your life. You’re more motivated. Dr. Scott is helping you achieve results that you probably wouldn’t get to by yourself.”

Finding the right surgeon for the job.

Erin first heard about Dr. Scott on social media. “I saw an advertisement for her on Facebook and already knew that I didn’t really want to go to the northside of Indy. I had a previous procedure on the northside and it didn’t seem worth it to me to make that trek again. We are in the Hendricks network so it just made sense.” Erin scheduled her first consultation at Hendricks Regional Health Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in October of 2016.

During the appointment, she explained to Dr. Scott her reason for the surgery and what she wanted to accomplish: “I told her that I just wanted to put things back to where they were supposed to be. My abdominals had separated from pregnancy, and I was doing a lot of sit-ups that weren’t helping much. I was doing arm workouts but it didn’t show because my skin wasn’t tight enough, and my breasts have never been quite right after having babies. I was doing this work to be fit, but I didn’t have any reservations about getting plastic surgery to let the efforts show.”

It was clear to Erin within the first few minutes of their conversation that Dr. Scott was the perfect fit for her. “She was engaged in the consultation, she was realistic, she was clear that there needed to be improvements and that she would do her best. You could tell she was concerned with the outcome of her work and she wanted to do a good job.”

Erin left Dr. Scott’s office that day with her surgery scheduled.

Ensuring a smooth recovery and outcome.

For Erin, the procedure itself felt like a breeze. “It was great. Dr. Scott told me what I needed to know up front, the office staff was amazing and to me, there were no surprises.”

Along with Dr. Scott, Erin credits her incredible support system for playing a huge part in her surgery and recovery. Her mother stayed with her for the one day she was in the hospital post-op, and her husband was always there to help with her and the kids. “It was a complete cakewalk. Zero pain in my breasts and in my abdomen. My arms were probably the worst, but it was more discomfort instead of pain.”

Erin had a followup with Dr. Scott one week after surgery. “Dr. Scott was concerned that I would be ‘mad’ at her because she expected me to be much more uncomfortable one week post-op than I was. But I really felt great.” Erin met with Dr. Scott again at three weeks, at six weeks, and so on, to monitor the healing process and ensure recovery was going smoothly. “At her follow-up she is checking her own surgical performance and making sure everything is up to par for her. She ensures that the outcome is exactly as it should be.”

Erin’s surgery, specifically the abdominoplasty, called for eight weeks of post-operative recovery, which meant no core work and a hiatus from CrossFit. By March 2017—just three months after surgery—she was back to her classes, and today she couldn’t be happier.

“I’m 36 and I can’t remember ever wearing sleeveless tops. Dr. Scott helped tighten everything up, so I can say ‘goodbye batwings,’ and now I’m loving tank tops! It’s amazing how little changes can help you feel even more confident than you did before!”

Making a commitment to health, self-love and happiness.

Erin’s advice for moms feeling similar body frustration and others contemplating plastic surgery? “Just do it,” she says. “Yes, there is a healthy financial commitment up front but a low interest payment plan was my preference. For all of the reasons you want to have plastic surgery, none of those involve waiting any longer to change your life. There’s no reason to wait.”

Though she’s an advocate for plastic surgery, Erin understands and relates to the stigma surrounding it. “I was talking to my girlfriends about this. In your twenties, you chat about how you would never do it and how it almost sounded tacky. But as you age and the judgement wears off and reality sets in … the number of of my girlfriends who have had ‘a little help’ keeps increasing.”

Next up for Erin’s fitness goals: a Spartan Challenge, and perhaps a consultation next year with Dr. Scott for a thigh lift. “I’m doing thousands of squats but still have aging skin working against me. Dr. Scott helps you put the finishing touch on all of your hard work. Dr. Scott is young and new to the Hendricks network. I think that plays into her success as a surgeon. She’s improving the options and makes the experience superior. There are a lot of people from the Avon and Plainfield area that are going to Carmel for plastic surgery. They don’t need to! My only complaint was that I didn’t consult sooner.”